Saturday, 6 June 2009

Marco Pierre-White Portraits Shot with SB800's

I was recently commissioned by ITV to shoot publicity images of  Marco Pierre-White for the series Hell's Kitchen.  As Marco was being inteviewed by the press on the day of our shoot, I was aware that his time with me would be limited and that I would need to work quickly to get my shots. I met Marco (a thoroughly great bloke) between interviews at his restaurant in Chelsea and chatted to him about my ideas for the shoot. Once we had agreed on the theme for the pictures, I set up my lights (two Nikon SB800's, one with a Honl SpeedGrid and the other with a Westcott 43" optical white satin collapsible umbrella all triggered by Pocket Wizards) in an area of the restaurant that was not being used. Marco arrived, sat down and I had him for 3 minutes before he was whisked away for another interview!  Here are the results of that enjoyable 3 minute shoot.


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